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OpportunityDate PostedDuration Location
Classification Consultant4/1/2015One YearOttawa Centre
Editor Semi Bilingual4/1/20154 monthsOttawa Centre
Change Management Business Transformation4/1/2015Several monthsOttawa Centre
Labour Relations Government Staff Relations4/1/201520 weeksOttawa Centre
Program Administration 4/1/20154 MonthsOttawa Centre
Program Administrator 4/1/201511 MonthsGatineau
GIS Analyst 4/1/2015Five MonthsGatineau
Project Manager 4/1/2015Four MonthsGatineau
Program Evaluator 4/1/2015Six MonthsOttawa Centre
Marketing Assistant 3/31/2015less than 1 weekOttawa Centre
Procurement Specialist 3/31/201553 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Access to Information and Privacy Officer Senior 3/31/20156 monthsGatineau
Auditor 3/31/20159 MonthsOttawa Centre
Editor 3/31/20158 MonthsOttawa Centre
Social Media Expert 3/31/201523 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Is your casual ending soon? 3/31/20151 yearOttawa Downtown Core
Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Officer 3/30/20159 weeksOttawa Centre
Project Administrator 3/27/20151 yearOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Policy Analyst 3/27/2015Up to one yearOttawa Centre
Metallurgical Engineering 3/27/20151 YearGatineau
Web Analyst 3/27/201526 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Project Officer 3/26/2015One YearOttawa Centre
Is your Casual ending soon? 3/26/2015Up to one yearOttawa Centre
Senior Engineer 3/26/20152 YearsGatineau
Emergency Exercise Designers Business Continuity C3/26/2015As needed for up to 5 yearsOttawa Centre
Project Administrator Three opportunities for Proj3/26/20153 yearsOttawa Downtown Core
Risk Management Specialist Emergency Planning3/26/20153 yearsOttawa Downtown Core
Evaluator Emergency Management Expertise 3/26/20153-5 yrs, as needed Ottawa Centre
French Translator3/26/201512 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Part time Staffing Specialist 3/25/20151 yearOttawa Centre
Intermediate Tester 3/25/20151 yearGatineau
Policy Analyst 3/25/201510 months plusOttawa Centre
Public Health Researcher Epidemiologist3/24/2015several monthsOttawa Centre
Sales Consultant 3/24/2015PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Library Technician 3/24/201516 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Business Continuity Consultant 3/24/201518 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Library Technician Senior Level3/24/20154 weeksOttawa Centre
Chemical Technician 3/23/20152 YearsGatineau
Auditor Forensic/Fraud/Special Investigations3/23/20151000 hoursOttawa Centre
Procurement Specialist 3/23/2015Long term contractGatineau
Government Project Coordinator - 2 year contract! 3/20/20152 years with extensionOttawa Downtown Core
Procurement Advisor3/19/20158 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Staffing Consultants 3/19/20157 MonthsOttawa Centre
Junior Staffing Officers 3/19/20157 MonthsOttawa Centre
Senior Human Resources Clerks 3/19/20157 MonthsOttawa Centre
Bilingual Administrative Assistant3/18/2015PermanentOttawa West
Classification and Staffing Officer 3/18/20158 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Project Manager Tenant Improvements3/15/2015PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Construction Junior Project Manager High rise Cond3/15/2015PermanentOttawa Centre
Branch Manager3/15/2015PermanentOttawa West - Bells Corners
Senior Project Manager3/13/20151 year +Ottawa West
Human Resources Compensation Advisor3/12/201531 weeksOttawa Centre
2 Senior Audit Professionals3/12/2015March 2016Ottawa Centre
Senior Classification and Organizartion Design Con3/11/20159 weeksOttawa Centre
Junior Auditor3/11/2015Three MonthsOttawa Centre
Is your Casual ending soon?3/6/20151- 6+ monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Evaluation Services Consultant3/5/201512 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Technician 3/5/20151 YearOttawa Centre
Staffing Consultants3/5/201511 monthsOttawa East
Procurement Specialist3/4/20157 MonthsOttawa Downtown Core
Procurement Specialist 3/3/20151 YearGatineau
Staffing Advisor3/3/20159 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Human Resources Consultant 3/2/20152 monthsGatineau
Epidemiologist 2/25/20154 months + possible extensionOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Business Consultant2/18/20153 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Communications Advisor2/17/20156 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Junior Procurement Specialist 2/6/20153 monthsOttawa East
Writer 2/5/201512 weeksGatineau - Hull
Project Planner 1/21/20151 YearGatineau

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