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OpportunityDate PostedDuration Location
Senior Integrated Logistics Support Specialist 9/1/20151 yearGatineau
Project Coordinator 9/1/20157 monthsOttawa Centre
Life Cycle Management Specialist 8/28/20151 yearGatineau
Media Relations Consultant 8/28/20152 to 3 monthsOttawa West
Learning and Instructional Design Specialist8/28/20152 MonthsOttawa East
Airworthiness Analyst 8/28/20152 yearsGatineau
Human Resources Consultant 8/28/201510 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Administrative Assistant 8/28/201549 weeksOttawa South
Senior Policy and Project Officer 8/27/2015PermanentOttawa Downtown Core
Policy Monitoring and Systems Officer 8/27/20151 yearOttawa East
Project Coordinator 8/27/20151 year + extension optionsOttawa Centre
Project Manager 8/27/20151 yearOttawa Centre
Financial Analysts 8/27/20156 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Bilingual Procurement Officer 8/26/20156 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Business Process Consultant 8/26/20154 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Business Process Consultant 8/26/2015March 2016Ottawa West
Leadership Development Consultant 8/25/20153 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Financial Business Partner 8/25/20155 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Staffing Consultant 8/25/20156 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Financial Consultant 8/25/20157 monthsOttawa Centre
Financial Analyst Growing company8/24/20155 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Accounting Professionals 8/24/20153 MonthsOttawa Centre
Senior Organizational Development Consultant 8/21/20154 monthsOttawa Centre
Web Communications Officer Government8/20/20154 monthsOttawa Centre - Tunney's Pasture
Engineer 8/20/20153 - 6 monthsOttawa Centre
Procurement Officer 8/20/20153 months to 12 monthsOttawa Centre
Technical Writer 8/20/20152 yearsOttawa Centre
Life Cycle Material Management Consultants 8/20/20151 year + optionsGatineau
Organizational Effectiveness Director 8/19/2015PermanentOttawa East - St. Laurent
Evaluation Services Consultant Senior8/19/20157 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Geospatial Information Coordinator and Analyst 8/19/20157 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Senior Procurement Specialist 8/19/20152 Years + OptionsGatineau
Procurement Specialist 8/19/20152 Years + OptionsGatineau
Procurement Specialists 8/19/20151 year + optionsGatineau
Access to Information and Privacy Consultant 8/19/20156 to 12 monthsOttawa Centre
Project Administrator 8/18/2015March 2016Gatineau
Access to Information and Privacy Consultant 8/14/20153 yearsOttawa Downtown Core
Auditor 8/14/2015Five Months Ottawa Centre
Information Management Coordinator 8/13/20153 monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Business Analyst 8/13/201525 weeksGatineau
Business Consultant 8/13/2015Two yearsOttawa Centre
Auditor 8/12/20154 MonthsOttawa Centre
Communications Officer 8/12/20151 to 12 monthsOttawa Centre
Security Trade Show Consultant Permanent8/12/2015PermanentOttawa Centre
ATIP Advisor Wonderful organization!8/12/2015Several monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Procurement Specialists 8/12/20151 Year + OptionsGatineau
Project Planner 8/12/20152 Years + OptionsGatineau
Project Manager 8/12/20152 Years + OptionsGatineau
Project Monitor 8/12/20152 Year + OptionsGatineau
Consulting Opportunities National Defence8/12/20151 Year + OptionsGatineau
Is your Casual ending soon?8/12/20151- 6+ monthsOttawa Downtown Core
Finance Officer 8/12/20151+ monthOttawa Centre
Senior Administrative Officer AS 04 level 8/12/20158 months plusOttawa Centre
Procurement Officer 18/11/2015Federal government contractOttawa Downtown Core
Library Technician 8/10/201516 weeksOttawa Downtown Core
Auditors Great Government Contracts8/10/20153-16 monthsOttawa Centre
Business Process Consultant 8/6/20152 yearsOttawa Centre
Performance Measurement Consultant 8/6/20152 yearsOttawa Centre
Project Manager 8/6/20152 yearsOttawa Centre
Quality Assurance Specialist 8/6/20152 yearsOttawa Centre
Risk Management Specialist 8/6/20152 yearsOttawa Centre
Technical Consultant 8/6/20151 YearGatineau
Business Analyst (x4) 8/5/20151 yearOttawa Centre

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